Arts and Culture

The Keys are made up of small towns and communities. However, due to the strong economy from our tourist base, the Arts are a primary part of our culture. Most weekends bring festivals and street parties throughout the Keys and especially in Key West. Photography of wildlife here is also great. Check out The Florida Keys Council of the Arts does a great job in supporting Art in the Keys

Also, see the Key West Arts and Historical Society
The Keys Community Concert Band. Susan Bazin 451-4530.
Keys Chamber Orchestra. Call Inga-Lisa Wright, 305-744-0508
The Key West Pops, Inc. – 305 293-7658, P.O. Box 6206

Note to Musicians-There are about a zillion Tiki bars etc, that have live music. The times range from the afternoon through the evening. The pay is generally better than you’ll find working in a regular club in the rest of the country. In addition to that most outdoor venues shut their music down about 11-so the hours are

Museums and Culture
Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum – 305 294-1136, 907 Whitehead St., Key West FL
Flagler’s Station Historeum®-901 Caroline St., 1-305-295-3562.
Key West East Martello Museum – 305 296-3913, 3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd.
Key West Lighthouse Museum – 305 294-0012, 938 Whitehead Street
Key West Museum of Art & History – 305 295-6616
• Key West Shipwreck Historeum – 305 292-8990, 1 Whitehead Street
Little White House Museum – 305 294-9911
• Lofton B. Sands African Bahamian Museum – 305 293-9692,
Wrecker’s Museum – 322 Duval St., 294-9502.Theater/dance
Middle Florida Keys
Marathon Community Theatre, 5101 O/S Hwy…..305 743-0994
Key West Theatre
• Island Opera Theatre…..305 296-1520
Red Barn Theatre, 319 Duval St (Rear)…..305 296-9911
Waterfront Playhouse, Mallory Square…..305 294-5015Art Galleries/ Visual Arts
• Over 90 galleries throughout the Keys
Note to Artists; regardless of the medium, there is a place for you in the Keys. The Keys strongly support resident artists. Writers groups in all genres (from screenwriting to novels) are spread throughout the Keys.

There is definitely a reason so many world-class writers and Play-rights have made and do make the Keys their home. Especially Key West. (“Ernest Hemingway” )

The musician and actor community here is strong. In conclusion, the arts community in the keys is strong and will even grow stronger. If you like the arts and a small community with lots of outdoor opportunities, The Florida Keys could be just your place. Wouldn’t it be nice to vacation here and not have to leave?

Key West Art Galleries

Alan S. Maltz Gallery
Archeo Gallery
Charest-Weinberg Gallery
Gallery Key West
Gatoville Gallery
Gingerbread Square Gallery
Glass Reunions
Island Arts Co-Op
Kent Gallery
Key West Folk Art
Lucky Street Gallery
Monkey Apple Art Factory
SoDu Gallery
South Pointe Gallery
Wild Side Gallery
Zbyszek Gallery

Art @ 830
Audubon House Gallery
Boy & His Dog Gallery
The Gallery on Greene
Gallery Uno
Guild Hall Gallery
Haitian Art Company
Helio Gallery
Island Style Gallery
Key West Art Center & Gallery
Kate’s Gallery
Kennedy Studios Gallery
KW Light Gallery
90 Miles to Cuba
Mary O’Shea’s Glass Garden
Red Door Gallery
Roy John-Karl Gallery
Sign of Sandford Gallery
Seven Artists
Stone Soup Gallery
Harrison Gallery

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